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Living the Circle, part 5: Death and the Afterlife (final part)

“The murmuring water is the voice of my father’s father. The rivers are our brothers. ” said Chief Seattle in a speech. Native Americans believe the ground where they live on is holy because their forefathers are buried in there. … Lees verder

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Living the Circle, part 4: Rituals

(This is an article in 5 parts about the spiritual ways of the original inhabitants of North America) The Sun Dance By the time the berries were ripening,  in July and August, all people went through an annual and very … Lees verder

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Living the circle, part 3: The Great Spirit

In Indian tribes, all possessions were shared. There were no ‘weaker parts of society’, for a person’s respectability was not based on property, but on his behaviour in a group. Even the chief did not have more than any other … Lees verder

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